Alejandro Gómez

Alejandro Gómez Roca (Madrid, 1981). After completion of my BSc in Chemistry at Universidad Complutense in 2005. I did my PhD until 2008 at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid under the supervision of Prof. M. P. Morales and C. J. Serna. My research during this stage was focused on the synthesis, study of the magnetic properties and surface functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedicine (MRI and drug delivery). In April 2009 I received my PhD degree in Chemistry, being awarded with distinction Cum Laude. In January 2009, I joined the NFP group lead by Prof. Jesus Santamaria at the Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragon in Zaragoza to work for the CIBER-BBN network. My work there was focused for the preparation of biocompatible magnetic nanoparticle suspensions with different surface groups for MRI and drug delivery. During the first half of 2010 I join the NETOSHIMA group at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragon. Under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Piquer I was introduced to the advance structural and magnetic characterization of magnetic nanostructures through synchrotron techniques. In September 2010 I joined the Magnetic Materials group lead by Prof. Kevin O’Grady at The University of York (UK) thank to the Postdoc Mobility Program of the Spanish Ministry of Education. During this time I get a deep understanding of the physical heating mechanisms of magnetic nanoparticles in magnetic hyperthermia. In the latest months of 2012 I worked in Liquids Research Ltd located in Bangor (North wales, UK) in a project focused in the improvement of the magnetic properties of particles used for their ferrofluids. In January 2013 I was awarded with a Beatriu de Pinos fellowship and joined the group lead by Prof. Josep Nogues at the Institut Català de Nanociencia I Nanotecnologia. During the latest years I have been focused on the synthesis and study of the structural and magnetic properties of multifunctional magnetic or magneto-optical nanoparticles with different morphologies in order to study their possible applications.

As a result from my research, I published 41 papers in international scientific journals including 3 reviews. 23 of these articles were published in high impact factor journals (within top 25. During my scientific career, I was awarded with 5 Competitive Fellowships, participated in more than 11 research projects and being involved in several technology transfer activities like the generation of two patents and also scientific consulting for Liquids Research and DAS NANO.