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1st Scientific Meeting of ICMAB- ICN-CIN2 Students
May 13-14th, 2013


The aim of this two-day workshop is to present to the academic and scientific communities the work done by the PhD students of ICMAB and ICN2, while promoting networking between them. The event is based on an initiative of the students themselves, which resulted in the organization of the "1st Meeting of ICMAB students" two years ago; this year we incorporate ICN2 students, with the aim of enlarging the view. The programme and most of the organization have been carried out by the students, with the support of the Seminar Commisions of both centers.



Coordinators ICMAB:

  • Elena Rojas
  • Juan Carlos González
  • Albert Queraltó

Coordinators ICN-CIN2

  • Xavier Ariñez
  • Miquel Cadevall
  • Sofía Rubio
  • Ana de la Osa

Organising Committee ICMAB

  • Nerea Murillo
  • David Pesquera
  • Malte Schmidt
  • Laura Cabana
  • Màrius Tarrés
  • Carlos Escorihuela

Organising Committee ICN-CIN2

  • Sofía Rubio
  • Javier Aríñez
  • César Sanchez
  • Mireia Guardingo
  • María Soler
  • Sweta Bhansali
  • Juliane Simmchen
  • Worawut Khunsin
  • Jose Angel Silva
  • Arnau Carné
  • Joan  Comenge
  • Rafael Martínez
  • Jordi Piella

ICMAB Commission of Seminars

  • Lourdes Fàbrega
  • Gerard Tobias
  • Rosario Nuñez
  • Montse Salas
  • Esther Barrena
  • Albert Queraltó

ICN-CIN2 Commission of Seminars

  • Daniel Ruiz
  • Ana de la Osa
  • Victor Puntes
  • Arben Merkoçi
  • Gustau Catalan
  • Jordi Fraxedas


Albert Queraltó

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