1.- Scientific Communication

Presented from Dr. Salvador Ferré Benedicto

"So, what exactly is your research about?..." More than just an uncomfortable question you might get from a relative, explaining your science to a non-expert audience is an increasingly important skill for our impact as researchers, and can even be key for getting and implementing funded projects. The goal of this talk is share with you tools and concepts to adapt the messages to reach different and broader audiences.

2.- Into the Nanolaboratory!

Presenters: Dr. Xavier Borrisé and Mr.Albert Guerrero from IMB-CNM-CSIC

I need to measure the layer structure of my sample, but how? Which materials are there before and after this experiment? I would like to prepare this device, how can I do it? These, and other questions are usual among the students and scientists while they develop their ideas. In this workshop, it will be explained which techniques can be used to prepare and to characterize different samples using several systems. So come with me to the nanolaboratory!